Unit 1 Dynamics and Space

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N5 Cosmology

What we should know ..
* To use the term ‘light year’ and be able to convert between light years and metres.
* To have some knowledge of the history of astronomy and why we know as much as we know.
* The age, and origin of universe and some of the bodies that make it up.
* The use of different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum in obtaining information about astronomical objects.
* Identification of continuous and line spectra.
* Use of spectral data for known elements, to identify the elements present in stars.

Task: You are asked to produce an information poster, booklet, slideshow or leaflet explaining how

'astronomers identify the elements in stars'

The task should include what is meant by continuous and line spectra, how they are produced and how we observe them.
The line spectra of helium and hydrogen would be a good example to give.
The task should include the absorption spectra of hydrogen and helium and how it is linked with their line spectra.
The task could also include the discovery by Josef Fraunhofer.
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