The Energy Topic (Energy Sources and Sustainability)

Thinking about learning

The Learning Log

After each lesson complete a learning log at the back of your jotter. A learning log should include at least two of the following headings, especially 5): The headings should start ...
1) I really enjoyed ....
2) I want to find out more about ....
3) I was unsure about ... .
4) I was surprised by ...
5) I learned that ...

For more information on learning logs click for the
The Young Scientist's Handbook .
and see page 4.

Short Test on Building Blocks of matter

Homework for Lesson 1...Watch the short clip and complete the task

Short Clip on the Particle Theory of Matter.
(To control this clip, move the cursor over the text and right click. Press Play to start and stop the clip.

Homework for Lesson 2...changes of state

Copy out and complete the change of state diagrams below. Alternatively click here and print it out

Homework for Lesson 3...Investigating Rate of Evaporation

The diagram below illustrates what we did in class last week. We investigated the rate of evaporation of 2 ml of ethanol in four situations. Rate of Evaporation Activity
Option 1..Write a report
*Write a scientific report on either (b) or (c) above. For help see the, The Young Scientist's Handbook and scroll to page 5.
*The result of the report is mentioned in the diagram
*The conclusion must include a calculation that states how much liquid evaporates in 1.0 minute.
*The evaluation should cover the following points:
*The liquid in both (b) and (C) evaporated quicker than in (a). In terms of moving particles explain why, for your choice.
*What everyday use can we make of this activity?
*Is there any other investigation you can think of?
Option 2..A poster for the wall
The poster should include the following and can be done in pairs.
An appropriate heading.
A diagram of the watchglasses above
A diagram showing the particles of liquid leaving the liquid at different speeds from the four different places. Arrows of different lengths can be used to show the speed and direction of the particles. The poster should also indicate that the rate of evaporation is different in different situatons.
The poster should also include a table with five rows and two columns. The right hand column heading should be Rate of Evaporation, this is the amount of liquid that evaporated in 1 minute. However one row can be the amount of liquid that evaporated in 1 day. Paper and pencils are available if you need them.