The Energy Topic (Energy Sources and Sustainability)

Thinking about learning

The Learning Log

After each lesson complete a learning log at the back of your jotter. A learning log should include at least two of the following headings, especially 5): The headings should start ...
1) I really enjoyed ....
2) I want to find out more about ....
3) I was unsure about ... .
4) I was surprised by ...
5) I learned that ...

For more information on learning logs click for the
The Young Scientist's Handbook .
and see page 4.

Finding out about an element

The project should be written but can include pictures and diagrams from the internet.

The project should include..

Section What is to be included
Title Name, Date, Title
Introduction Write one sentence describing what your project is about
Main section Include at least two paragraphs about your element. A description of the element, what it can be used for and any other facts you think are interesting.
Summary Write a short sentence briefly mentioning what you wrote about..
Bibliography Mention the websites you used.
Self assesment Check to see if you have included everything in this table. Remember to check for spelling errors.
Peer assesment Ask one of your friends to read your report and check it for you.