The Energy Topic (Energy Sources and Sustainability)

Thinking about learning

The Learning Log

After each lesson complete a learning log at the back of your jotter. A learning log should include at least two of the following headings, especially 5): The headings should start ...
1) I really enjoyed ....
2) I want to find out more about ....
3) I was unsure about ... .
4) I was surprised by ...
5) I learned that ...

For more information on learning logs click for the
The Young Scientist's Handbook .
and see page 4.

Homework for Lesson 1...Why Physicists Study Energy

Read the Passage and answer the questions that follow.

We live in an energy hungry world. This means we are heavilly dependent on energy from fossil fuels and other sources. However, when we burn a fossil fuel the gases produced are harmful to planet Earth. Not only that these energy sources are finite, this means they will eventually run out. So it is our responsibilty to to limit our use of fossil fuels and find ways to generate energy without burning. It is the job of physicists to learn as much about energy as possible and help solve the energy problem.

1 a) The statement above says 'we live in an energy hungry world'. Write down some examples to explain what this means?
b) What is our responsibility to future generations and why?
c) The passage mentions fossil fuels, what are fossil fuels?
2) We have discussed 8 types of energy. Write down the name of the energy and an example of it in action. This website will help you. 'Forms of Energy' from BBC Bitesize

Homework for Lesson 3...Energy Changes

1. In class we studied energy changes in common appliances. Study the energy pathway diagrams closely. Neatly copy each diagram out and complete it. Energy changes
2. Draw an energy change pathway for a washing machine.

Homework for Lesson 4...Efficiency

In class we learned that all the energy entering an appliance must be used. For example if 150 J (Joules) of energy is supplied to a bulb, the bulb will produce 150 J of light energy and heat energy.
1. Copy and complete each diagram below Conservation of Energy
2. What bulb is likely to be the energy saver?
3. What hoover is likely to be the newest model?
4. If you can, work out the efficiency of each of the four appliances above. Click here for help. Working out efficiency.

The Solar Cell Report .