Working Like a Scientist

Thinking about learning

Lesson 1..The Safety Rules

In this lesson we learned that safety rules must be observed in class so we can work safely and effectively in class.For more information on the safety rules click for the
The Young Scientist's Handbook .
and see page 3.

The Learning Log

After each lesson complete a learning log at the back of your jotter. A learning log should include at least two of the following headings, especially 5): The headings should start ...
1) I really enjoyed ....
2) I want to find out more about ....
3) I was unsure about ... .
4) I was surprised by ...
5) I learned that ...

For more information on learning logs click for the

Working with numbers and evaluating experiments.
Five pairs of pupils boil 100 ml of water using the Bunsen Burner. One pair got 1 minute and 45 seconds, the second pair got 105 s
the third pair got exactly three minutes, the fourth pair got 300 s and the fifth pair got 5 minutes.
1. Put these times in a table
2. Calculate the average time for the experiment.
3. Which pair timed the largest time and suggest two reasons why it was so high.

The research project..Due week beginning 19th September

Scotland has produced many great scientists over the years. Choose one of the following scientists and find out what their contribution to Science was. Also include factual information on your scientist's date and place of birth.

Scottish Scientist
John Logie Baird
William Ramsay
Joseph Lister
Robert Brown
James Watt
Mary Somerville

The project should include..
Section What is to be included
Title Page Name, Date, Title
Introduction State what the project is about
Main section Include at least three paragraphs. The paragraphs must be in your own words and can be illustrated with relevant pictures.
Conclusion Summarise your project and include your own view if possible. Try to explain why you have come to this view.
Bibliography Cite at least three sources, one at least should be a book. Include website addresses and do not use wikipedia.
Self assesment Check to see if you have included everything in this table. Remember to check for spelling errors.
Peer assesment Ask one of your friends to read your report and check it for you.