Metals, Hydrogen Acids and alkalis (Materials)

Thinking about learning

The Learning Log

After each lesson complete a learning log at the back of your jotter. A learning log should include at least two of the following headings, especially 5): The headings should start ...
1) I really enjoyed ....
2) I want to find out more about ....
3) I was unsure about ... .
4) I was surprised by ...
5) I learned that ...

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Homework For Monday 21st September.

Homework For Monday 28th September.

Homework 1.. The Periodic Table

In class we looked at the periodic table of the elements. Answer the following questions.
1) What is an element?
2) Why is the periodic table colour coded?
3) Draw a bar chart showing the density of the group one metals.
4) Look closely at your bar chart. Do all metals sink in water? Explain your answer.

Homework 2.. Rate of Reaction

The rate of a chemical reaction is the number of grams that react in a second.
Rate of Reaction
1) Study the diagram above and work out the rate of reaction for each metal. Show your working and put your answers in a table.
2) How many grams of metal A will react in 20.0 s.
3) How many grams of metal B will react in 25.0 s.
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